Providing FRP chemical storage solutions for over 30 years.

GRP Tank Solutions specialise in the manufacture of FRP chemical tanks, scrubbers, pipework and associated and related products.

In 2016, Tank Solutions wholly acquired the GRP business and continues to supply FRP product solutions to the exacting standards expected of GRP products over many years.

Our Fibreglass (FRP) storage tanks provide the latest technology for quality, lower maintenance costs, longer life and corrosion protection even subjected to the most aggressive environments.

As an Australian owned and operated company, we offer a range of Fibreglass (FRP) systems to assist in managing your chemical storage issues. Each product is tailored for specific site conditions rather than a “one size fits all” standard solution.

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Benefits of using a GRP chemical storage solution.

1. 100% Watertight

Fibreglass (FRP) tanks are manufactured as a completely sealed unit. There are no joints in the unit which are required to be sealed on site. This makes the tanks 100% watertight.

2. Resistance to Chemical Attack

Fibreglass (FRP) was recognised early in its development as having a high resistance to chemical attack. GRP Tank Solutions carefully selects the most appropriate resin system for the required applications to ensure it meets the asset owners’ expectations.

3. Maintenance

Due to the smoothness of the glass resin interior surface of the GRP Fibreglass (FRP) units, particles have difficulty adhering to the sides thereby reducing the operator’s maintenance costs and equipment downtime.

4. Quality Control

As part of GRP Tank Solutions quality control system, its FRP products are designed and certified by a practising Composite Materials Engineer to be suitable for the proposed application. Our tanks can be constructed in many configurations and are designed and constructed to AS2634-1983, BS4994-1987 and ASME RTP-1 – 2011.

5. Installation

The Fibreglass (FRP) units are supplied to the site complete, with the only requirements being the external connection of pipework and electrical connections which avoids many potential safety hazards of site fit out.

6. Abrasion Resistance

The Fibreglass (FRP) tanks are manufactured to have high surface abrasion resistance. This is achieved by forming a layer of pure resin material at the surface which is not only smooth, thereby reducing friction, but also has high strength.

7. Customisation

GRP Tank Solutions manufacture products which are customised to an individual client’s requirements. Nozzle size, material types and layout are flexible.

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