Chemical Storage Tanks

Our FRP Chemical Storage Tanks are used to store chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, aluminium sulphate, fluorosilicic acid, coagulant and ferric chloride just to name a few.

Partnering with world leading resin manufacturers, GRP selects the most appropriate resin system for the required applications. The advanced corrosion resistance of GRP tanks and the experience built up over 30 years in the industry means our chemical storage tanks stand the test of time with many very large repeat clients such as BHP, Alcoa, Ixom and many major water authorities which is testament to long track record of performance and knowledge built up over this time.

Our tanks can be constructed in many configurations and are designed and constructed to AS2634-1983, BS4994-1987 and ASME RTP-1 – 2011.

GRP offer a range of sizes in vertical on-ground chemical tanks.

GRP are able to manufacture these tanks with a variety of resin and chemical barrier combinations to suit most chemicals and concentrations.

They can be fitted with a full range of fittings and accessories to suit all requirements such as flat or cone roof, top or side access manways, flange, socket fittings or pipe fittings, hold down lugs, pipe supports, baffles.

Tank Types

  • Single-wall or double-wall
  • Underground or above ground
  • Horizontal or vertical


Underground capacities up to 150,000 litres
Above ground capacities up to 500,000 litres (in some locations)