BEENYUP Waste Water Treatment Plant

Location: Craigie, WA

Client: Water Corporation


The Beenyup wastewater treatment plant serves Perth’s rapidly developing northern suburbs.

It is an advanced secondary treatment facility treating domestic wastewater from North Whitfords, Hamersley and Burns Beach wastewater schemes.

The plant is designed to treat up to 135 million litres of wastewater a day, which services about 660,000 people.

Australia’s first groundwater replenishment scheme is located on the Beenyup wastewater treatment plant site. Treated wastewater from the plant will be further treated at the nearby Advanced Water Recycling Plant once the plant comes online.


Ammonia is widely used in the water and wastewater treatment industry to create chloramines for disinfectant purposes. Chloramines can provide adequate disinfection without as much generation of the harmful disinfectant by-products.

In the absence of moisture, ammonia is a relatively non-corrosive substance. However, in the presence of moisture it becomes a highly corrosive compound so the appropriate materials used in the holding of ammonia is critical for long term protection and safety.


GRP Tank Solutions was asked to manufacture a tank that can hold Amonia. GRP supplied a tank 2.5M diameter and 2.84M straight height with specific resins used to withstand the ammonia within the tank and was successfully installed.